What are the con­di­tions in order to rent a car?

You should have a car license of almost one year .For the car cat­e­gories A, B, C age min­i­mum in 21 years but for the cat­e­gories D, E, F, G, I and J the min­i­mum age is 25 years old.

Could some­one else drive the car?

Yes, but it should be writ­ten in the rent­ing con­tract and should meet the above con­di­tions. The extra dri­ver is filled in the con­tract with­out charge.

How much should I pay in advance?

The cost of car rent­ing is given in advance with credit card or in cash. Also its bound with the free of dis­charge of the car as a guar­an­tee from, his credit card.

Which insur­ance cov­ers are being provided ?

The insur­ance that is pro­vided in all the vehi­cles of our com­pany is the mixed insur­ance with a dis­charge of 700 € to 1500€ (depends on car category).

Are there any losses that are not being cov­ered by the insurance?

Mir­rors, anten­nas, tires, wheels and dam­ages in the roof top and in the bot­tom of the car are not cov­ered by any insur­ance company.

Can I travel out­side of the coun­try with a rented car?

Yes, you will need the writ­ten con­cern of the com­pany which will issue the needed green cart for the insur­ance benefit.

What do I need to do if I have an accident?

You will imme­di­ately call the police and next you will con­tact our office.

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